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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Three & Half Days

Course Description

Statistical Process Control (SPC) provides sound information upon which to make decisions. It allows process performance tracking on a real-time basis, allowing for corrective actions to be taken before failure occurs. The best decisions are made using facts and data. The collection and interpretation of data is equally important in manufacturing and service environments.

Who should attend?

As this course provides an introduction to Statistical Process Control, it is suitable for anyone wishing to explore and understand how basic statistical techniques can be used in their own environment.

This is also an essential course for persons intending to advance their knowledge by attending either the SPC 2 Course or the Measurement System Analysis Course.

Benefits to Your Business

This course enables personnel to understand the importance of process stability as a critical component to predictability. The course provides realism for delegates as it incorporates many practical workshops to reinforce the learning experience using industrial examples. Data generated during the course is used to construct and interpret various control charts and methods of assessing stability and capability in order to reinforce the learning experience.

Course Structure


Introduction to Statistical thinking


Basic statistical concepts


Types of Control Chart


Calculating Control Limits


Variables Control Charts


Uses of Control Charts


Process Capability


Process Control v Process Capability


Capability Indices: Cp/Cpk/Pp/Ppk


Attribute Control Charts


Example of SPC software


Process Capability and Six Sigma


Company Implementation

Delegates Receive a H & M Certificate on successful completion of a forty five minute multiple-choice examination, competent mark is 60%.

This course material is aligned to the body of knowledge requirements for the ASQ Certified Quality Technician

Build this course into your Employee Development Program