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Product Auditing VDA 6.5

Duration Half Day

Management of Product Audit Programs Increased customer demands, safety requirements, statutory regulations as well as the increased use of electronic components and software lead to ever more complex products.

End customer expectations can no longer be identified only in specifications. The automotive manufacturers and supply industry are required to identify these product characteristics on their own and have the responsibility to transform them into products. This focus must also be taken into account when conducting product audits.

Meanwhile, product quality is assured by the consistent implementation of the methods for preventive quality planning. Thus, a product audit has not only quality assurance objectives but also plays a role in providing evidence.

In the process chain, the product audit demonstrates the quality level of the internally/externally manufactured products.

This training “Product Audit Programs” shows participants how to conduct product audits efficiently from an efficient and economical point of view.


Product audits according to VDA 6.5

Qualifications of the Audit Planner and Auditors in accordance with VDA 6.5        

Product Audit Objective and Area of Application

Product Audit Sequence

Audit Program

Stipulations Regarding the Audit Program

Input criteria for determining the audit program

Specifications of the audit program

Scope of an Audit Program

Implementing the Audit Program

Monitoring and Evaluating the Audit Program

Audit Plan

Carrying Out Product Audits

Audit Reporting

Initiation of Audit Follow-up Actions

Who should Attend

Staff responsible for auditing Manufacturing Processes. It is a prerequisite that these persons have prior knowledge of applicable management standard and Core Tools.


Delegates Receive a H & M Certificate on successful completion of a forty five minute multiple-choice examination, competent mark is 60%.