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APQP Methodology Project Management

Aligned to AIAG APQP 2nd Edition and AS9145 2016

Duration Three Days

What You Will Learn

The purpose of this course is to provide delegates with the ability to take a project from concept to market using disciplined methodologies and modern tools.

Delegates attending this course are broken into groups of four or five and are presented with the task of taking a product from concept through to development, prototype, preproduction, and series production.

Tools discussed on this course are, Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Measurement System Analysis, SPC, Control Charts, Control Plans, Standardized work method, Process Mapping (Lean), Process Capability, Design of Experiments, PERT and Gantt Charts .

It is based on the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) strategy as outlined by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and provides delegates with the opportunity to experiment with the tools and methodologies prescribed.

Now includes How to measure Overall, Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), using

●     Availability (measures machine uptime)

●     Performance (measures system speed)

●     Quality (measures levels of defects)

Who should attend?

Those involved in the design or specification of products, processes or services

Persons wishing to understand the benefits of Control Plans and APQP

Benefits to Your Business

Achieving customer focus in product, process or service planning helps to minimise design changes,
dramatically increases customer satisfaction and reduces development cycle time.

Identifying customer requirements enables the most effective use of limited resources.


       Concept Initiation Phase; Plan and Define the Program       

       Program Approval Phase; Product Design and Development

       Prototype Phase; Process Design Development and Verification    

       Pilot Run Phase; Product and Process Validation     

       Product Launch Phase; Series Production, Feedback and Continuous Improvement

       Overall, Equipment Effectiveness (OEE),Process Mapping, Lean Concepts 

Delegates Receive a H & M Certificate on successful completion of a forty five minute multiple-choice examination, competent mark is 60%.

This Course Material is aligned to the body of knowledge requirements for ASQ requirements CQT

Build this course into your Employee Development Program